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Place des machines

Place des Machines

La Place des Machines is 10,000m2. A unique and unusual place due to its history and architecture, it can be rented (minimum of 500m2) and modulated in an infinite number of ways. It is a "public square” so we can mark off and reserve areas using different equipment but without ever closing the entire space to the public. You will be able to create an exceptional event thanks to the distinctiveness of this place.



The Auditorium is ideal for conferences, various work sessions, video screenings, or small shows. It offers 195 seats, including four PRM seats (people with reduced mobility).


You can enjoy the auditorium's intimate atmosphere, comfortable seating, independent control room, and large projection screen. A certified technician will assist you for all your technical needs in this space which is fully equipped with sound and video equipment to ensure that your event runs smoothly.


The stage can be set up to meet your requirements with couches, coffee tables, a podium, standing tables, etc...

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